If you want to save money and time, then fast track is the right track for you!

Fast-track degree programmes IIE accelerated degree programmes (bachelors & diploma) are designed to provide fast-paced, intense courses at different colleges and universities. These programmes are not new; in fact IIE Institution first short-term study abroad programme was established in 2001.
An undergraduate degree abroad usually takes nearly 4 years to complete. A fast-track undergraduate degree could help you attain the same by roughly 3 years or less which means you can save an additional 1-year course fee. 
Do NOT be determined or let yourself be coaxed on getting usual college degrees when you face certain constraints – be monetary, family, personal or academic – and find it hard to cope with them.  
With rising student debt and tuition fees, across the world, various universities abroad have introduced fast-track programmes which will not only shorten the time of study but also help them eliminate tuition fees for an entire semester.

Can I apply?
If you are not sure what is your next move after completing your high school or college, then definitely this programme is not for you. This is more for futuristic students whose ultimate aim is to get a job, with a sound degree. If you are one of them, then you are on the right track!