What is a Provisional Degree Certificate?

Provisional Degree Certificate is a temporary document provided by a university until a permanent degree is issued and imparted on convocation. Generally, it continues to be a valid certificate for around 6 months or until a degree is issued to the students. It has no expiry date per se. However, the day your degree is issued by your institute, the Provisional Certificate will no longer hold any importance. It is mainly dispensed as a temporary replacement for the degree and this certificate is proof of the fact that the degree has not been issued yet.

As a temporary document issued to the student by a particular university/college/educational institute, a Provisional Degree Certificate is valid until the original degree is not provided by the institution. It is widely used when one has to apply for higher education or a job:

  • It consists of the name of the student and the course perused.
  • It is temporary in nature.

Important : University Is Charging Fees For Applying Provisional Degree In India.

Provisional degree certificate

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